Let’s Take a Vacation: Day 1

Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays!

I am extraordinary excited right now, because I am heading on vacation at Walt Disney World for the week. I knew that while I was gone, I wanted to keep my blog active, but I was not sure how. Especially since I want to keep up my writing habits in order to make my post “Ongoing Trends in My Vocabulary”  successful and truthful every week, I wanted to find a way to write while enjoying my vacation. I then realized that I could write about my experiences throughout my entire vacation experience.

For years, I have loved reading “trip reports” on various Disney forums and watching “vlogs” of vacations at the resort. Although I do make sure to write out my experiences on vacation after the fact, they are usually just scribbles of approximations of what we did every day while there. Therefore, I thought that it would be a great idea to quickly write out a recap of each day of my vacation (including pictures taken on my phone) while I am there; I hopefully will be able to describe each day more specifically and with more accuracy than I would have if I wrote about it a week later (which is what I usually do).

I will be breaking up each day into a separate post, so look forward to frequent posts this week. I hope you all enjoy reading about my Walt Disney World vacation, or at least find my geekiness to be interesting.

Well, let’s take a vacation!

I was woken up for our departure at approximately 3:30 AM this morning, which means that I enjoyed about three hours of sleep. Yikes. Regardless, I always find our early departure to be quite exciting. After completing last-minute preparations and getting myself ready, we left our house at about 4:40 AM.

For the first part of our long drive, I was able to stay awake due to my seventy-song playlist. My vacation playlists have been growing year by year, and although I think mine was great this year, it was so long that I started to doze off by the middle of it.

I officially dozed off at about 7:00 AM, and by 8:45 AM eastern time (an hour ahead of where we started) we stopped for breakfast, which forced me to wake up. At this point, we had passed Indianapolis, which I was not aware of at the time. We have breakfast at the same location every time we take our road trip to Florida, and as per usual, I was the last one done and was being rushed. These kinds of routines should be noticeable to all readers of my posts throughout our vacation.

After I received my coffee, ’twas time to get back on the road. I finished up listening to my playlist, and then continued my tradition of listening to my favorite podcasts while on the way to our next stop: the Kentucky welcome center. This stop is a few minutes’ drive past Louisville. Just like much of what we do on vacation, taking a pit stop at the center is part of our typical road trip routine.

At approximately 12:40 PM Eastern Time, we stopped for lunch. We changed up our usual lunch stop, to some controversy; in summary, I actually ended up eating a salad in the car.

After completing my lunch, I watched four episodes of The Office from season two. It is one of my favorite television shows of all time, and watching it while on a long drive has proven to be a mood-boosting tactic.

While watching the episodes of the show, we entered Tennessee and passed by Nashville. I hope to spend time there in the future, as it seems wonderful for a music fan such as myself (even though I am not much of a county music fan).

Nashville from the car window

By the time I was done watching the episodes, we were getting close to Chattanooga. The mountains and water before the city are gorgeous, and I always have to take pictures of them. While taking one of the pictures, I realized that I essentially took the same picture that I did last year, which I used for a post for my “Let’s Overanalyze…” series. A genuine smile was induced as a result of this realization.

We stopped at a gas station in the mountains when about two hours were left of our drive. At this stop, I not only bought Altoids, but also returned a pair of sunglasses to someone who forgot them by the cash register as they were leaving.

Following this interesting stop, I listened to music on my phone while we finished our drive for the day. Surprisingly, there was close to no traffic during our drive through Chattanooga and to our hotel in the Atlanta suburbs (or during the entire drive throughout the day, for that matter). There is typically a lot of traffic around Chattanooga, so quickly driving through the area and it still being light outside during this part of the drive was shocking in a very pleasant way.

At about 6:00 PM, we finished the vast majority our drive and stopped at The Varsity for dinner, which is another tradition of ours. As always, the hot dogs, onion rings, pie, and Frosted Orange were incredibly delicious and nostalgic. I especially couldn’t believe how crispy, indulgent, and divine the onion rings were!

Only a very short drive separated us from The Varsity and our hotel. We have stayed at the hotel for our past few Florida road trips, and I love it there. After lugging our luggage to our room, we relaxed in our spacious room for a bit (on a side note: I just noticed from writing this sentence how appropriate the word “luggage” is). My parents and I then went down to the lobby to get some drinks and snacks, bring some books in from our car to read, and lounge for a minute while admiring the decorations that were still up. I felt a bit self-conscious at this time, though, due to the fact that most people in the lobby were wearing dapper outfits, while I was wearing lounge clothing and Birkenstocks with fuzzy socks.


Once we got back to our room, we swiftly went back out to purchase more water bottles. We finally went back into our room for the last time for the night, and I put on pajamas, made some tea, and relaxed with my family while watching New Year celebrations on television.

It is now a few hours from the start of 2017, and I am quite excited about it. I will admit, though, that I am even more excited about arriving at Walt Disney World tomorrow; arrival days are consistently some of my favorite days of our entire vacations. Setting my eyes on the resort for the first time is exhilarating for me every trip, and the fact that I will be in warm weather within a day is something I am greatly looking forward to.

Well, it is time to relax (and possibly take a nap) before 2017 officially starts. I hope you all have a great start to the year; let us all make it a great one! I know I will do my best to do so.



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