My Guide to Auto Shows

I do not find much interest in cars; they are honestly one of the few subjects I am not naturally captivated by. I also strongly dislike driving, and essentially avoid it is much as possible. In addition, I am quite busy with schoolwork at the moment.

Therefore, when I was asked to go to the Auto Show, I was excited about going near the city, but not too thrilled to walk around and look at cars. I mean, I had to spend hours away from my laptop and textbooks on a Saturday afternoon? The horror! (I am such a typical, hated millennial, right?)

I try to make the most of every situation, so I soon brainstormed some ways in which I could make my experience at the Auto Show both enjoyable and productive. Subsequently, I used some of my ideas and would like to share with you all (in a somewhat snarky way) my guide to attending an Auto Show.

Collect “Free” Bags


Once one starts to walk around the Auto Show, they will see a plethora of bags. The bags themselves are not incredible, but they are quite enjoyable to hunt for. Only a few stations from which bags were handed out were around the whole convention center this time around, and immediately after stock was refilled, people grabbed them from all directions. Do not give up, though, as carrying around these huge advertisements–I mean bags– that both perfectly hold winter jackets and display your cunningness makes the hunt worthwhile.

One shall receive a bonus point if they follow my lead and say the word “bag” in an obnoxious accent ad nauseam to the point of making others tell them to stop saying it.

As for myself, I probably will not find a helpful use for my new bags, but who knows, I might need them someday.

I just realized that this justification for keeping my bags may also be called “hoarding.”


Try to Relate It to Classes

I took a course last semester that discussed conventions a bit, so I was able to relate the event to what I learned. As I had not been to a convention center since I learned more about how they are organized and run, it was interesting to see one, and I even noticed a “Leadership Hall” inside of it regarding the industry.

I am sure other subjects can be related to the Auto Show as well. Math is certainly involved in the selling of cars, and one can analyze the technology and marketing involved with the vehicles. Such fun!

Bring Schoolwork in a Purse in Order to Not Feel as Guilty About Taking a Break

Yes, my friends, I brought schoolwork to the Auto Show. I objected from being too obnoxious, so I only carried a worksheet and a pencil in my purse. I actually did some schoolwork in the car on the way to the Auto Show and during dinner afterwards, but it was far too hectic inside the convention center for me to get any work done. Just having it in my purse helped me feel less shameful about taking a break from the plethora of schoolwork on my docket, though. In case anyone was wondering, there really are many surfaces to do schoolwork on; it is just that one might scuff up an expensive car in the process.

Take Awkward Pictures in Cars

Fake smiling in a truck

Awkward pictures with fake smiles make me so happy, and the Auto Show is the perfect place to take and showcase them. If I was more brave, I would have taken more oddly posed pictures throughout the event, but I will have to settle for the one above that was taken in a rather large truck. My caption for the picture really should be the title of my future autobiography, though.

Look for Newscasters Who Look Vaguely Familiar

There are often newscasters at the Auto Show, and it is fun to look around for them and try to identify them, which I made sure to partake in during my visit. It always seems as though people can easily recognize them, but I do not watch the news enough to do so (which is another sign I am a millennial whom everyone hates). Sometimes I see newscasters on the television while I wait forĀ Saturday Night Live to start, nevertheless.

There are also usually more “free” items by the news trucks, which is fun. I actually found a news-related magnet on the ground at some point, so obviously I picked it up and brought it home.

Constantly Check a Pedometer

I will admit that I have not been walking a lot lately, so it is quite enjoyable to look at the pedometer on my phone and actually see some steps counted whenever I can; our journey through the convention center did the trick. Walking more than usual does justify having a lot of pizza for dinner, right?

Try to Figure out What Makes a Car “Cool”

My obliviousness to cars and the different types of them is something that I acknowledge. As a result, it is definitely interesting to walk around the Auto Show and hear comments of astonishment around certain automobiles. Whenever I walk by a car that is gawked at, I feel as though I have seen that car multiple times already. What really does make a certain car fantastic? If someone feels compelled to educate me on cars, please do so, because I must be missing out on some fun.

Pretend to Take a Nap in a Car

This tip requires the participant to be a bit brave, as attendees at the Auto Show make it known that they are definitely eager to sit in the various cars. I was able to pull off pretending to take a nap for approximately ten thrilling seconds before awkwardly exiting the vehicle; feel free to see if my record can be beaten.

Keep Track of How Long it Takes to Reach the Point of Overstimulation

There are a great deal of people at the Auto Show, along with extremely bright lights and gleaming cars; for an introvert like me, all of these aspects of the event can cause feelings of exhaustion after a while. It took me about forty-five minutes to reach the point of overstimulation, but a break between showrooms did help bring my energy back up a tiny bit.

Longingly Look Through Windows to the Rest of the City

The reflections make it artsy

The rest of the city: so close, yet so far away. We did not go anywhere else in the city during our visit, so I took some time to to earnestly look through any windows in the convention center at the gloriousness that was unattainable at the time. Sigh.

Act Like a Tourist


Relating to my aforementioned gawking at the city, it is always fun to act like a tourist. Of course, the convention center had some brochures, so I had to take some. Looking through brochures is a great way to spend time at the Auto Show, even if you have already seen much of what the city has to offer.

Plan a CongressionalĀ Run Almost a Decade Ahead of Time

I think this proposition is pretty self-explanatory and a great idea.

Remind Yourself When Your Half-Birthday Is

Fun fact: it is my half-birthday today.

Plan Out a Blog Post

Figuring out what to include in this post made my visit to the Auto Show verifiably enjoyable. I had never noticed what steps I take to make the Auto Show more enjoyable for my car-oblivious self, so being aware of my actions truly made my visit more purposeful.

Honestly, I did have a great time at the Auto Show, and it was fascinating to see how the event had both changed from and stayed similar to previous visits. I hope I did not seem too snarky in this post, but it really was so much fun to write.


How do you make events that do not interest you more fun? Did I convince any readers to visit the Auto Show, even though I would not bet on it? Does anyone want to teach me about the value of cars? Let me know.




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