Monthly Monday Music Melange #2

Hello, everyone! Now that it is the end of March, it is time for the second installment of my series entitled “Monthly Monday Music Melange” (my first post can be found here). I hope you all enjoy these songs!


“D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice

I was listening to a playlist on Apple Music around the beginning of March when I found this song, and I immediately found it to be a joy. I found myself coming back to it a few times, and after a while, I finally decided to download it. It is such a fun song, and the music video is also fantastic. I was only about ten years late to it; better late than never, right?

“Swear to God the Devil Made Me Do It” by The Front Bottoms

I started listening to The Front Bottoms a few years ago, and although they are usually a band listen to a lot during the fall season, I came across the band’s Tiny Desk Concert earlier this month, and I fell back in love with the group. There is something so genuine about their music that has always fascinated and comforted me, and this song has remained one of my favorites of theirs.

“Green Light” by Lorde

I know, I am being so “mainstream” with this pick. Anyway, right before “Green Light” was released, I was starting to get into Lorde’s music, so I was quite excited to hear this new song. At first, I felt as though the song was a bit disjointed, but even within my second listen, I started to love the song and its cathartic qualities. Not only is the music video amazing, but the song itself is one that has become a staple for me this month.

“Holland, 1945” by Neutral Milk Hotel

I mentioned in my post from last month that I had listened to the All Songs 24/7 Radio, and my growing appreciation for Neutral Milk Hotel was sparked from listening to that wonderful radio station as well. Afterwards, while doing schoolwork one day, I decided to listen through their entire album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, and this particular song was one that piqued my interest, especially since I find its short introduction to be just perfect. I was only about nineteen years late to this song; once again, better late than never.

“Nobody’s Empire” by Belle and Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian is another band that I had heard about for quite a while, but never got around to listening to until this month. After reading some comments about how their music (and “Nobody’s Empire” specifically) is great for springtime, I checked out some of their music, and this particular song is one that I found to be so charming. Since then, I have kept coming back to their entire discography. For the third time in this post, I must state the phrase, “better late than never.”

“Kick Jump Twist” by Sylvan Esso

During this month, I found myself listening to and appreciating Sylvan Esso a lot. “Kick Jump Twist” is a new song of theirs, and I think it is such a fun listen, especially for the mornings in which I need a bit of an adrenaline boost. I can definitely say that I am excited for their new album.

“Doctor Doctor” by Oh Pep!

Once again, I can thank the All Songs 24/7 Radio on the NPR Music website, as I first became interested in this group when I heard “Doctor Doctor” playing there. I actually had forgotten about the song for a few days, but after seeing their Tiny Desk Concert as a recommended video on YouTube, and subsequently viewing it, I was reminded of why I was first captivated by them. They are a really great group, and I would highly recommend a viewing of their wonderful live performances especially.

“Neverwhere” by Hiccup

Oh NPR Music, thou art my savior as a source of new music for my library. On a Friday afternoon this March, I listened to an episode of All Songs Considered, and this song was one of the ones mentioned. I absolutely adore the attitude of the song, and it is one that I have listened to many times over the past few weeks.

“Houdini” by Foster the People

Oh, Foster the People, thou art a band that I loved in 2011/2012 and then largely ignored after a while. Earlier this month, I came across their Tiny Desk Concert, and I was quite impressed; I particularly found “Houdini” to be interesting played acoustically, and it prompted me to listen to the group’s entire album, Torches, for the first time in a long while. While I still enjoy that album, this specific song is a standout for me.

“I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers

Oh, Bleachers, thou art a project by my beloved Jack Antonoff that I embraced in 2014 and then drifted away from for a while. (I need to stop with this kind of introduction.) I believe I started to distance myself from this bombastic song once I noticed that it started to be loved by my “mainstream” peers, because I am way too pretentious of a person, but I have started to finally appreciate this song once again. Welcome back into my life, Bleachers.

“High Ticket Attractions” by The New Pornographers

I think I have actually heard of this band for years now, but I will admit that I assumed I would not enjoy their music based on their name. It was an episode of All Songs Considered that ultimately made me listen to their music, and I was very pleasantly surprised by this song. In fact, immediately after I found Wi-Fi, I downloaded this song and played it on repeat. I also watched the music video multiple times, since it is amazing.

“Bros” by Wolf Alice

I first heard this song last fall, but my apparent obsession with Tiny Desk Concert videos this month was what made me greatly interested in “Bros” once again. The performance of this song was one that I found to be extremely charming, and thus, the studio version of it found its way back on my “Recently Played” playlist on my phone, where it has remained since then. By the way, I feel compelled to note that I was shocked to learn that this amazing song was released in 2015; I really believed it was from the mid-2000s. Regardless, I love it.

“Death with Dignity” by Sufjan Stevens

A couple weeks ago, I had a large exam coming up, so of course, I spent some time creating a “Studying” playlist, which was comprised of mostly quiet and somber songs that could help me focus while still feeling stimulated mentally. While going through songs by one of my favorite artists, Sufjan Stevens, I knew that I had to include this song. I actually had not listened to it in a while, so it was nice to finally come back to it. I truly find “Death With Dignity” to be heartbreaking in the most beautiful way.

“Porcelain” by Moby

Also included in the aforementioned playlist was “Porcelain” by Moby. I first heard this song in an episode of All Songs Considered, and even though I enjoyed it (it is a great song to walk to, by the way), I somehow forgot about it. While creating the playlist, though, I realized that this song would be a great fit, and I soon could not stop listening to it while I was studying. I also listened to it on the way to class and while walking around campus afterwards; it truly is a great walking song.

“It’s Alright Now” by Bombay Bicycle Club

This installment of my “Monthly Monday Music Melange” series should have the subtitle of “Songs I Used to Love but Then Forgot About, and Now Have Rediscovered,” because such is the case for “It’s Alright Now” by Bombay Bicycle Club for me as well. Just about a week ago, I became interested in listening to Bombay Bicycle Club’s discography (I started listening to them in 2015, and had not been listening to them a lot as of late), and I specifically searched for “It’s Alright Now” on YouTube. What I found was an acoustic version of this song, and I fell in love with it, which led me to listening to the studio version of it a multitude of times. Bombay Bicycle Club is such a “spring” band to me, so obviously, I had to fall back in love with their music in the month of March. Sadly, the band is currently on hiatus, but I am excited for all of the members’ projects!


“Quick” by Tank and the Bangas

I think it will be fitting to end on this group, Tank and the Bangas, which is one that I found out about in early March due to their achievement of winning the Tiny Desk Contest, and subsequently fell in love with. Their submission video, which is a performance of “Quick” (it is linked above), is seriously full of so much energy, passion, and fun. Their Tiny Desk Concert was also released weeks later, and similarly, I have been so impressed by it; it both gives me chills and makes me smile. Please do yourselves a favor and check out their music and live performances!

I hope you all have enjoyed this post and the music that comprises it. If you did, thank the artists, and you might as well thank NPR Music as well (and tell them to hire me)! This post is formatted differently than the one from last month, as the last one had the videos embedded into it, while this one just includes links, so let me know if you have any thoughts on it or advice for yours truly. Also, if you have any music recommendations for me, please bring them to my attention. I hope you all have a great month!



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