A Project with a Purpose

Within this post, I describe the processes–both in thought and work–that went into a project I created from materials I utilized for a college project.

Echoes of the Exposition

A five-part independently-researched series analyzing how the World’s Columbian Exposition has impacted travel and tourism in Chicago, by way of highlighting five specific topics of interest and their corresponding narratives from 1893 to the present day.

Ongoing Trends in My Vocabulary

Every Friday, I create a list of words I found myself overusing in both my verbal and nonverbal communication throughout the past week; every two weeks, analyses are written in regards to how those words related to my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge at the time. Furthermore, every 20 weeks, I reflect on that period of time as a whole and my thoughts on this independent project of mine.

The Wikipedia Project

This post outlines my entire semester as a student of a college course focused on contributing to Wikipedia, includes contemporaneous notes, offers advice to those participating in similar projects, and describes the multitude of discoveries I made throughout the entire experience.