Featured Series

Disney Day in Review

With regard to my December 2017 Walt Disney World vacation, I decided to detail the major moments and themes of each of my days I was lucky enough to enjoy at the resort.

Monthly Monday Music Melange

On the last Monday of each month, I publicize the music that I enjoyed throughout that period of time, along with the experiences that are associated with said songs in my mind.

My Guide to…

Whenever I must attend an event that I am not too excited about, there is a great chance that I will write a somewhat snarky post describing how I typically make such occurrences worthwhile.

My Semester in Songs

At the conclusion of every semester of college I experience, I describe the songs that are most strongly associated with that time frame for me.

Stephanie’s Stories

Within this series, I (somewhat sarcastically) overanalyze the “books” I used to write and illustrate as a young child.