Featured Series

Let’s Take a Vacation

This series is comprised of day-by-day recaps of vacations I have been lucky enough to take part in, which are written in hopes of both cementing my memories and sharing them with others.

Monthly Monday Music Melange

On the last Monday of each month, I publicize the music that I enjoyed throughout that period of time, along with the experiences that are associated with said songs in my mind.

My Guide to…

Whenever I must attend an event that I am not too excited about, there is a great chance that I will write a somewhat snarky post describing how I typically make such occurrences worthwhile.

My Semester in Songs

At the conclusion of every semester of college I experience, I describe the songs that are most strongly associated with that time frame for me.

Stephanie’s Stories

Within this series, I (somewhat sarcastically) overanalyze the “books” I used to write and illustrate as a young child.